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classes.dex汉化 - 百度文库1页发布时间: 2011年08月04日程序(.apk) [教程] Android 程序(.apk)汉化教程之 classes.dex 汉化 教程] Android, dex, apk, classes, 教程本帖最后由 s.p.k 于 ...百度文库 classesdex汉化

Editing classes.dex - aPad Firmware / Development ...

Editing classes.dex - posted in aPad Firmware / Development: Youll need Java JRE for this and AVABox Grab the jar or apk you want to play with, put it in avaboxroot/smali/baksmali. Use 7-zip to extract classes.dex. Pull up cmd.exe as an administrator and change to that directory. Then: java -jar baksmali-<version>.jar -o classout/ classes.dex Do your editing, then, to repack it, type java ... EditingclassesdexaPadFirmwareDevelopment

The Multidex library is built into classesdex and …

multiple DEX files from your APK. The Multidex library is built into classes.dex and executed to load the rest of the DEX files when the application runs. The name attribute of the <application> element in AndroidManifest.xml must be set to MultiDexApplication class or a user-defined subclass of MultiDexApplication. Figure 3 shows the execution flow of the Multidex library. TheMultidexlibraryisbuiltintoclassesdexand

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2021-2-12 · 2018年6月21日 用MT管理器或APK编辑器打开andftpapk选择DEX编辑器进行编辑classesdex文件【去除专业版升级提示】类别名lysesoftandftpSettingsActivity$3列表方法run SQLBackupAndFTP10.0.54专业版,带XX机-SQLServer工具类资...专业版 andftp专业版富忆资讯网